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Winter Gatherings and Warm Wishes


As our first Winter Gatherings draw to a close and we all prepare for whatever the festive period means for each of us, here at Project Lift we find ourselves both joyful and reflective.

Joyful in the engagement, the sharing of stories and experiences and the extent to which so many colleagues, partners and others have joined with us in our efforts to build a movement towards transforming our health and social care landscape.  From excitement and engagement through to curiosity and critical friendship, this support has been more than we had hoped for and offers a real foundation for all involved to grab hold of this desire to see change happen with our ethos of compassionate leadership, collective and collaborative working and building lasting momentum through connected communities.  It has been inspiring to see and hear from so many across our system!

Reflective as we recognise all that has been achieved, the efforts of so many coming together at different times and in different ways and the extent to which colleagues are claiming their individual agency and taking things forward in their own ways in their own space in the system.  We are also thoughtful that even though a range of views have been shared and explored, there are still many voices, opinions, stories and emotions yet to hear.  Working in our health and care systems is often profoundly rewarding, but also often relentless and sometimes incredibly challenging.  In reflecting on the participation and shared experience within Project Lift in 2018, we also recognise that we need to be energetic and purposeful in reaching out to more colleagues, whether in intense operational settings, rural communities, or under-represented sectors, professions or specialities.

We are humbled by the energy and effort shown, the amount of ownership taken and the belief that change can be brought.  We are moving into 2019 curious as to what we can bring to support, enable and inspire the next phase of this exciting work.  We look forward to coming together in the New Year to build  on our Winter Gatherings, new thinking and stories from yourselves to shape the coming months.

Warm wishes from all of us here and a wonderful New Year to you all!