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Webinar Recording: Mindfulness with Megan Reitz


Webinar Recording: Mindfulness with Megan Reitz

HULT Ashridge Executive Education bring you the recording of a webinar on Mindfulness and how mindfulness practices can help reduce anxiety, develop resilience and improve decision-making.

‘In a state of crisis two things help you and your team immediately – staying calm and thinking clearly and creatively. Right now many of us are struggling to do either. We are in truly uncharted territory, coping with a barrage of personal challenges such as childcare and care for vulnerable members of our family, as well as the need to engage with an unprecedented work environment…

If you are a manager, you are trying to cope with your own anxieties whilst responding compassionately to your team’s worries. And you probably desperately need your team to come up with and implement new ideas and ways of working.

There is compelling research that shows mindfulness practices can reduce anxiety, develop resilience and enable clearer, more thoughtful and creative ideas and decisions.

Tune into this  session to explore:

  • What mindfulness is
  • How you practice it
  • What it can do for you and your team right now
  • How you can access resources to keep practising in the turbulent days ahead


Topics: Mental Health, Wellbeing, Mindfulness

Time: 60 mins

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Megan Reitz is Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Hult Ashridge Executive Education who has been studying the effect of mindfulness practices at work for the last five years. Her findings have been published in Harvard Business Review and in her book, Mind Time, with Michael Chaskalson.

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