Written by Tam Begbie,  November 2020.  Graphic from www.minifigs.me 

This piece is about acknowledgement of effective team work and how it can be very enabling for others to reach goals. Unfortunately, some people’s desires and goals can be what most of us take for granted, such as feeling safe, opportunities for an improved life style, or even being happy.

It’s all our job to reach out to people who may need help in unlocking their potential to create a happier and safer life for themselves and the for the people they care about. I can tell you that my first-hand experience of supporting people struggling with the difficult cards that life have dealt them can be extremely challenging. One of the most reassuring things I have is the support from other who can help in different ways.  The first step in helping someone is knowing your own limitations on what you can do for someone and what you can’t and having a team means having access to variety of different skills and talents which, in essence, boosts your own capability of supporting someone.

I am going to use a very strange analogy here but I hope it gets the point across – THUNDERBIRDS, yes I mean the puppet cartoon thing…

The reason Thunderbirds always worked so well is because they were a team with a common goal, good team spirit,  respect for one another and access to variety of different skills and capabilities.  If someone had an issue that required Thunderbird 1 there was fair and supportive acknowledgement that Thunderbird 2 probably wasn’t best suited for the job but a whole team effort would still be provided.  It was recognised that Scott Tracy, in Thunderbird 1, still needed to be supported and together they were at their strongest supporting each other and that then allowed them to be most effected for those in need of help.

Navigators work in the same way.  We work with as many people in positions to help as we can because we acknowledge that we are stronger with support from others and that support boosts our abilities to make sure who ever needs our help has access to everyone else.

We need to remember that just because something worked for one person does not mean it will work for another.  Look at how Navigator works for example – we’re not medical staff but we have access to help patients in hospital and support from hospital staff.   I am not an expert on how to recover from alcohol abuse but I have access to those who are.  Using this system of interlinking together to recognise strengths and weaknesses will not only create the best possible outcome for others but it also allows us to feel individually stronger and this is excellent for our own well being.

We all have something to offer always but lets recognise other people have something to offer us too.  We never stop learning that the human race is designed to operate as a collective and collectively we are stronger.

Our thanks to Tam Begbie for this blog, one of our contributors in our Collaboration & Working Across Boundaries event,  supported by Kaleidoscope, Project Lift’s Community partners. Find out more about our community events past and present .