*This post has been updated since the original publication date of  27th September 2019 on projectlift.scot*

Project Lift’s own Jenni Jones & Joanne Rafferty hosted a webinar on the Reflective Leader via NHS Education for Scotland’s Leadership Links series.  120 fellow leaders from across health and care joined the live webinar and 93% of respondents completing post webinar feedback recognised reflective practice as key to their daily leadership activity. 96% of respondents reported they were satisfied or completely satisfied with the webinar too.

Could this be something for you too?  Can you carve an hour out of your busy schedule to reflect individually or with a peer?

This webinar explores the essential ability to continually learn as a leader in today’s health and care context.

We know how essential it is to be a reflective leader yet it is all too often we prioritise action and task over time for reflection.   Arguably, it seems that reflecting on our leadership practice is our least favourite pastime.

How we show up as leaders matters. According to Peter Homa, a retired NHS Chief Executive, a good definition of leadership development is “learning to be yourself more skilfully”.  Peter emphasises our ability to invest in ourselves as always learning and growing, “leading is a life-long learning seminar”.  How we reflect and adapt our practice, the good, bad and the ugly, matters.  Research tells us that leaders who reflect and adapt continually are more likely to succeed.

Who is this intended for?

Any leader or manager at any level who is interested in improving their skills and habits as a leader.  The ability to reflect in and on action is recognised as a core leadership capability. Here in project lift we believe in leaders at all levels and this webinar is relevant to every level.

Accessing the webinar

The link to the recorded webinar can be found here on TURAS Learn in the webinar library section of Leadership Links.

We know that reflective practice in and on action are central to developing ourselves as leaders.  This webinar is not rocket science, but more common sense and will encourage you to consider some small steps, different approaches and hopefully some further inspiration to give it a go.  It is what makes the difference in being our most skilful selves as leaders.

Go on, give it a go and tell us how you get on!

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