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Communities 2019 Survey Countdown – Have your say!


project lift communities in 2019 – have your say – survey closes next week!

Have you seen our emergent, evolving, slightly messy but exciting  project lift communities page ? We’ve been listening to as many voices as possible to explore where we move to next.

Today we offer the external view from our Winter Gathering partners, Sea Salt Learning 

So where have we got to?

Our first experiment into community events were the Winter Gatherings in December last year. We have learnt lots from feedback from these and ideas to date and are collating your insights and preparing some ideas on how we move forward with you!

What’s happening now?

Over the last few weeks we have:

  • shared our Collaborate with Us series highlighting what we explored together at the events, what we learnt together and some helpful external insights to add perspective to these
  • shared an open invitation to anyone to join the conversation and help shape how the communities’ activity could emerge.

Today we share the Research Report from Sea Salt Learning, our partners from the Winter Gatherings. This is their external insights and thoughts from collaborating with us on the events. It makes for interesting reading and we have been featuring this over our recent Collaborate with Us series.

So what can you do?

We’re keen to move forward with what people are sharing and our survey closes next week. Please take this opportunity to tell us what you think we should be thinking about, offering, planning, asking, enabling you to do. Say it in the survey!

If you’re interested , take a look at the Winter Gatherings report from Sea Salt Learning and let us know what you think on twitter, email and in the survey.

You inspire us, tell us what you think!

Thank You!