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What’s the story?

We see project lift as both an emergent and inclusive community itself and also as a conduit to help create the space for other related communities to arise and take shape. We know that communities thrive on sharing experiences; the inspirational, the challenging, the hard and the hopeful’. We see our role as  holding open spaces for leaders at all levels to come together to explore possibilities and different perspectives through those stories.

Working in health and care is a rich and challenging environment. Stories from others can help us to gain understanding, inspire us and enable us to relate.  Most importantly, they allow us to connect, to realise that we are not the only ones excited, challenged, frustrated or inspired by the realities of transforming care.

We find you inspiring, and know that others will do – so will you share your story? We’d love to share some stories about you and your experience of transforming care, starting with you.

What your story?

Whatever your story, we want to hear it.  All stories have a place and we’re not just looking for stories with a happy ending, we want to hear the real life stories from real people across our system. You could have a story of leadership, of challenge, of collaboration, of compassion or even a story of frustration.

What we do know is everyone’s story is important and will be valuable to share.

Maybe you have yet to tell your story – even to yourself! That’s ok. We can help you find your voice and find the best way for you to share your story.  If this is you, then get in touch and talk to us – we’d love to help.

How do I share a story?

It’s up to you –  you could:

  • submit your own video – this is a talking heads or video diary style film of no more than 2 mins where you tell us your story, in your own words and in your own voice.  You can join our stories site and inspire others to engage and share their stories too. For tips on how to do this really well check out our advice here 
  • submit what we like to call a ‘selfie+’ – this is a selfie with 150 words.  We’ve been inspired by projects like Humans of New York and would love to have our own gallery online of our inspiring humans. This is great if you’d rather not send a video We’d love you to film yourself sharing a story or write it and send us a picture.

You don’t have to be David Bailey or Steven Spielberg but if you are going to the effort of sharing a story we’d love it to be as shareable as possible. We’ve put together a guide of things to consider when you’re recording or photographing.


How we share

We plan to share these stories with the wider project lift communities and, if you are willing, at community events and at other Health and Social Care events too.  Our aspiration is to have our communities connect across the system encouraging and inspiring wherever we can – we even have audacious dreams of a community exhibition!

We will also have opportunities for you to share your stories in person – if you would be up for that. All of these are options so even if all you want to do is send us a ‘selfie+’ for our communities, please share your story and let us know your preferred options below. We will not use your stories outwith the consent options you select below and if any further use is desired we will contact you directly for your agreement.

We care about trust and so if you wish to withdraw your consent from any or all of the options below at any time then please contact us and we will honour. If you have any questions please contact us as we’d love to help.

So, lets get storytelling! Submit your stories and consent options using the form below.

We can’t wait to hear them!

Story submission

We’ve put together the submission form below to help you submit stories easily. If you’d like to send it in via a different method then just email project lift and we can sort it out.

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Project Lift communities engagement ie community pages, at community events as backdrop or in community exhibitions
Project Lift stand at Health and Social Care events ie NHS Event

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