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Some fresh thoughts on Leadership – Mini-Series Part Two…


Welcome to part two of our mini-series! Today our story comes from Karen and if you are new to our mini-series you can read Part One here.

Karen’s story focuses on working on self. Overall, the panel’s stories and conversation highlighted the value of knowing, shaping and developing your own leadership style, but none more powerfully than Karen. When she likened modelling someone else’s leadership style as wearing someone else’s ill-fitting jacket, it really resonated with many of you.

How freeing and energising is bringing your authentic self with your own unique qualities (and flaws) rather than the effort required to be a ‘clone’ or copy of someone?  It really does ‘start with you.’

I’ve changed my expectations of myself and leadership…moved away from thinking that positional power and command approach is the best way. I understand now there are many ways to get things done and leaning into your natural skills is much more effective than ‘fitting into’ one pre-conceived notion of success.”

What are your thoughts about leadership required for the next generation?

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Tomorrow we hear the second of our stories from Andrew and reflect on the connection with team. See you then!