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Some fresh thoughts on Leadership – Mini Series – Part Four…


Today we share our third leadership story in our series highlighting reflections and experiences from our leadership panel to illustrate the principles of our leadership ethos

If you are new to our mini-series, you can read the story so far here in Parts One, Two and Three,  Our final extract from Safia, focuses on the importance of considering systemic leadership and the impact this can have.

Safia highlighted how essential it is to ensure equality and diversity in our system’s leadership groups. Not only does it bring new thinking and perspectives at senior levels, it encourages every staff member, regardless of background, to have a voice, be recognised and fulfil their potential. “If you can see it you can be it!”

It will resonate with staff who are from diverse backgrounds, make them feel recognised, valued and at home – part of the team for who they are, not just for the skills they have. And this is a team that will hear them.”

The underpinning ethos for project lift has a deliberate intention of working on transforming leadership behaviour and ethos in the whole system, rather than focusing only on the levels of self and team, and this was really important for Safia.

Acknowledging upfront that the system is part of the change needed is new for me and I’m so pleased to see that being addressed. We have come together to mould the system that we work in, stop it from wearing our best and brightest down, from being an excuse not to change, and from getting in the way of empowerment and improvement. We can encourage people to believe that is in our gift to make that happen”.

What elements of fresh leadership are you already noticing in the system?

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Tomorrow in the final part of our mini-series we consider what our panels’ stories and your stories tell us about the project lift leadership ethos.