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Some fresh thoughts on Leadership – Mini Series – Part Five


We hope you have enjoyed our mini-series on leadership stories – today we reflect on the key messages from our panel’s stories and what they collectively reveal about our project lift leadership ethos. You can catch up or revisit them with them on these links: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

The stories we’ve shared this week each in turn illustrate the three distinct elements of leadership to the power of three, a central principle of the project lift ethos, namely:

  • self – bringing all of ourselves; our skills, experience and values and being open to development. Karen shared how she had discovered her own ‘power’ as a leader by being herself, being comfortable in her own leadership ‘jacket’.
  • team – learning together in the live work, and taking our learning back to our own team, Andrew described the importance of learning with and from your team by making the giving and receiving of feedback within the team the way things are done day to day.
  • system – understanding context, how to think and lead systemically, learning & reflecting on working collaboratively across the system. Safia was truly excited by project lifts deliberate intention of working on transforming leadership behaviour and ethos in the whole system, rather than just focusing on the levels of self and team. She went on to highlight that equality and diversity in our system’s leadership groups is essential if we are to bring new thinking and perspectives at senior levels and inspire every staff member, regardless of background, to fulfil their potential.

And finally – all our story tellers’ examples demonstrated the importance of self-awareness, reflective practice and working on self, in developing leadership skills and practice. Recognising and using your own individual capacity, or agencyas described By Julian Stodd hereto take a stand, make a change or difference from where you are in the system is essential. Transforming care really does start with YOU.

How can you give yourself and colleagues permission to use their individual agency in their teams and the system as a whole?

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Special thanks to KarenAndrew  and Safia for allowing us to share their leadership stories.