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SCCC: Leading in a crisis resource


SCCC: Leading in a crisis resource


‘The SSSC has developed a new leadership resource to support people in social services reflect on and develop their own, and others’, leadership capability, in particular during the COVID-19 period.  Accessed from the SSSC’s Learning Zone, Leading in a crisis provides access to a range of existing leadership resources, from a variety of sources, using a simple and accessible format.  Learners can access resources designed to support them develop their own skills in leading a crisis, leading with compassion, self-leadership, resilience and wellbeing.  There are also resources to support leaders support others in a crisis, and in particular resources related to supporting others to use their own leadership capability, supervision and support, and coaching and mentoring.  The resource provides links to some of the SSSC’s other leadership development resources such as Step into Leadership and the new resource, 23 Things Leadership.  For further information or to provide feedback on your experience of these resources, please contact the SSSC at  We hope you find this a useful resource.’

Topics: Leadership, Teams, Self Care, Compassion, Mental and Emotional Health

Time: 5mins

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