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Reading, watching and listening - a range of resources for you

We’ve pulled together some of the more useful resources that offer insights, further detail and background about project lift and our ethos.

It’s getting quite extensive so don’t forget to scroll down and explore the full page!

Project Lift Progress Report and Related Resources

Putting People at the Heart of Leadership in Health and Social Care in Scotland: Project Lift Progress Report |June 2019

To see the full list of references and related web links within the report click here

Scottish Government and project lift Papers

SG Executive level leadership plan – May 2017

Director’s Letter – Values Based Recruitment

Values Based Recruitment Process for NHS Board Executive Team appointments

Project Lift Mission Statement – February 2018

Project Lift – Leadership3

Project Lift -Leadership Profile

King’s Fund & Carnegie Trust Papers

*Newly Uploaded* Carnegie UK Trust – Kindness, emotions and human relationships: The blind spot in public policy

*Newly Uploaded* King’s Fund – Leading Across the Health and Care System

*Newly Uploaded* King’s Fund – The Quest for Integrated Health and Social Care

King’s Fund – Medical Engagement A Journey Not An Event –  Case Examples from NHS England

King’s Fund – Leadership development in health care – the evidence base

King’s Fund – Thoughts of a Newcomer

King’s Fund – Caring to change

King’s Fund – Shared responsibility for health: the cultural change we need

Wider Reading and Research Base

*Newly Uploaded* Ron Kerr Report – Empowering NHS Leaders to Lead 

*Newly Uploaded* Doomed to Repeat? Lessons from the History of NHS Reform

What works – the trillion dollar question

Why Focusing on Professional Burnout Is Not Enough

System leadership Kings Fund May 2015

Delivering collective leadership – CCL May

New Zealand Experience of National Leadership Programmes

NHS Improvement – Culture and Leadership toolkit

Medical Engagement and Organisational Outcomes –  Peter Spurgeon

Clinician leadership BMJ leader

FMLM – Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals 2nd Edition

NHS Worklife Balance 

Mental toughness and resilience toolkit

Leadership Online: A Directory of Resources 

Partner Resources

Sea Salt Learning – Winter Gatherings Research Report, February 2019

Myron Rogers Systems Leadership Masterclass Slides (abridged) 7th August 2019

Leadership and Management Zone – TURAS Learn

**NEW** Leadership Links Webinar ‘The Reflexive Leader’ with Joanne Rafferty and Jenni Jones

Project Lift Pages on TURAS LEARN

Leadership and Management Zone on TURAS LEARN