Volunteering for Leadership Development : SCVO Guide

Volunteering for Leadership Development : SCVO Guide

The Project Lift leadership development approach is all about fostering and enabling learning in practice and from practice. We encourage leaders at all levels to consider the interface between Project Lift and Charity and Third sectors as a potential opportunity to learn more about your own leadership, working with a new team and the charitable context in Scotland.  It’s a complex landscape and understanding how it integrates with the myriad of public sector bodies all working together for a better Scotland can support systems thinking too.

Volunteering for development can be as much or little as you can manage; from reading case histories, to working as an expert, having a leadership role on a charity board or a leadership exchange providing contextual understanding and contacts; it is all about self, team and system.

You can find out more about the charitable sector, which is both issue specific and general, by visiting  the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) website. This provides a good overview of current activity within Scotland, including development material on the role of a trustee. We have provided links to their About page and their Guide to working and volunteering in the sector which provides a great starting point for anyone interested in volunteering for development.

Topics: Leadership Development, Communities, Choice and Responsibility, Purpose and Connection

Time: 15 mins

Visit the SCVO site

Visit the SCVO Guide to Working and Volunteering in the sector 

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