Sharing Stories: Together, we help

Sharing Stories: Together, we help

Sharing stories is powerful and helps us connect and COVID-19 has shown just how important this is.

Together, we help in Scotland is a project to gather shared stories from the COVID-19 experience.

‘We’re sharing stories of people coming together in Scotland to support each other during COVID-19.  As part of a national research project we are collating stories of local action being taken across Scotland, whether that’s food drop-offs, support for your neighbours, calls to older residents and more. This research will help shine a light on how local communities play a critical role in our future and how we can build forward better, creating a fairer Scotland for us all.’

On the site you can read, listen and watch stories from others or share the amazing work you’re doing  using share your story on the website.

Topic: Choice and responsibility, COVID19, Inclusivity, Community, People and Humanity

Time: From 5 mins

Visit the site 

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