Resource hub: – Emotional Intelligence

Resource hub: – Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – resource hub

In order to bring our the best in others we must first be able to bring out the best in ourselves – and then learn to actively listen to what is going on for others.  This is essential for compassionate leadership and culture where relationships matter and are given attention, where kindness can develop and where services, and staff wellbeing,  can be improved.

This comprehensive site from brings together a wide range of categorised resources for anyone looking to develop their own Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and to build on their own self awareness, self regulation and self care.  There are a number of different resource types available within this collection.

‘Here you will find all our articles that deal with the role of emotions in mental well-being. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to monitor and distinguish between your own emotions and those of others and label these emotions correctly.

Topics: Self Awareness, Leadership, Self care for individuals and teams, choice and responsibility, personal values

Time: from 10 mins dependant on resources accessed

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