Resource Hub: McKinsey & Co – Strategic Insight

Resource Hub: McKinsey & Co – Strategic Insight

Strategic Insight – resources hub

McKinsey & Company, McKinsey Quarterly

‘In our fast-moving digital age, a great strategy is key to survival. Explore timeless principles and fresh techniques for crafting one.’

There are many things different between the private and public sector but one of the few things that are held to both is the importance of strategy.  Having a strategic purpose, something that comes through in your mission, vision, values and objectives is something all organisations need if they want to bring their people together in the same direction.

This collection from McKinsey offers a selection of articles across topics including the social side of strategy, mastering the building blocks and strategic principles for competing in the digital age.

Topics: leadership, strategic insight, professional ability, change

Time: from 10 mins depending on resources accessed

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