Resilience Alphabet for Kids – Toolkit

Resilience Alphabet for Kids – Toolkit

Resilience Alphabet for Kids – Toolkit

The Alphabet Resilience Toolkit is aimed at primary school children and comes with notes for parents or adults on how to use it. This is a free resource on the Education Scotland National Improvement Hub and can be accessed digitally or downloaded for print.

‘What is this? – The Resilience Alphabet includes ideas and activities to help your child build inner strength and wellbeing.  For each letter there is a definition, something to think about, something positive to say and some suggestions of things to Make, Do or Write.

Who is this for? – Parents of children at nursery and primary school. This activity is aimed at children from P2 to P7.

Being resilient is all about how well you deal with and cope with difficult situations, which we are all facing at this time (May 2020) If you are resilient, you have the skills to bounce-back or recover from these difficulties. The Resilience Alphabet can be used in lots of different way to develop these skills. You can access and use it on-line or you could print them off to make Resilience Alphabet cards.’

Topics: Mental and Emotional Health, Children and Families at home, Self Care for individuals and teams

Time: 5mins+ depending on how you want to use it

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