Project Lift Report 2020: There is always hope in humanity

Project Lift Report 2020: There is always hope in humanity

Project Lift Report 2020 –  There is always hope in humanity 

By: Project Lift, published 25th September 2020

‘This report offers an insight into the journey of Project Lift since our last progress report, celebrating the successes, reflecting on what we have learnt and achieved, and setting out our commitments for the coming year.’

We are delighted to share our Project Lift Progress report 2020 , this year provided in fully digital format.
We remain an ambitious whole-system approach to enhance leadership capability and capacity in Health and Social Care in Scotland and in this report we share the progress around our 2019 commitments with transparency and reflection.

The report  itself provides a summary of what has been achieved and enabled by Project Lift to date, the impact shown, and what the Project Lift team aims to take forward through 2020-21 in collaboration with others across the system.

Acknowledging that we were due to publish in June 2020, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a re-prioritisation and subsequent September release. Our data point for statistics is 31st July 2020 and our narrative shows the movement through this period into our thinking for 2021.

The structure of the digital report presents:

  • Home page of introduction
  • Executive Summary with overviews
  • Highlights, what we sad we would do, what we did, challenges and learning for:
    • Engagement
    • Talent Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Values Based Recruitment
    • Performance Appraisal
  • Year at a glance
    • Collaboration and Engagement
    • On Tour
    • The year in numbers
  • The Coming Year looking to 2021

We have built in video, social media, stories and insights from a wider range of contributors to offer what we hope is a rich reflection into what has been a very challenging yet also very inspiring year.


Topics: Project Lift, Leadership, Talent Management, Values Based Recruitment, Performance Appraisal and Engagement.

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