Article: How to craft a story in 5 mins

Article: How to craft a story in 5 mins

Article/Guide: How to Craft a Story in 5 Minutes

By Tomas Pueyo from The Writing Co-operative, published 9th April 2018

‘I used to be scared of telling stories. Not anymore: I’ve developed a way to craft great stories in 5 minutes, and I want to share it with you. After reading my book or watching my TEDx on storytelling, many people told me they understand stories better, but they wanted an easy way to craft a story themselves. This post will teach you how to do it in 5 minutes.’

Tomas Pueyo shares how to craft a story in 5 mins – the article is a 13min read but if you are looking for quick SHH (Short Helpful Hints) read the first section and the last ( I don’t have time to craft a story. What’s the takeaway for everyday communication?)   If you are looking for more the article also has linked to his book and TED Talk also on storytelling themes.

Topics: Storytelling, Leadership, Change,  Purpose and Connection

Time: 13 mins or 5 mins (top and tail)

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