We’re excited to share our first ever Project Lift progress report!  We are thoughtful, pleased and proud to share our ‘story so far’ and look forward having many conversations about how we can celebrate what has already been achieved and collaborate further to achieve more with, and in service of, the wider Health and Care system.

A Compelling Story

There are more than 20 people who have officially contributed to the creation of the report however we have taken time to build in the thinking, research and feedback from a wide range of collaborators including our communities, technical partners, thinking partners, engagement groups and participants. This is an inspiring example of living the Project Lift ethos in a very real way, collaborating together and challenging the standard way of doing things to achieve a shareable and impactful outcome.

The report is designed to be accessible to audiences that reflect our wonderfully diverse system and the networks and groups within. We have taken this opportunity to recognise why and where project lift has come from, the extensive evidence base that underlies the ethos and to share a clearer, now live view of what we are doing, how we are doing this, who with and to what aspirations.  Still guided by the National Performance Framework as our ‘North Star’, we continue on our quest to Transform Care, starting with everyone who wants to be part of this ambitious offer.

Our report shares:

  • An overview of the last 4 years of how we came to be here
  • The context of the case for change
  • Recognition and details of our evidence base and influences
  • A distilled, clarification on the ethos of project lift
  • Celebration of the many achievements we have seen through various iterations of the wider team – and partners
  • Recognition of the impact that this work is already having at self, team and system levels
  • The way forward and what next for project lift

Click here to view the report and download it online.

Stories are for Sharing

Today we will run news and twitter items sharing our story and we will encourage everyone to share it as widely as possible. It is also providing the core messaging for our upcoming project lift animation and website review!

So please do read, reflect and celebrate that the work that we believed could make a difference is starting to do so, and then share this, use it to start a conversation and let us know what you think about the future plans.

Thank you for being part of transforming care and putting people at the heart of leadership in the Health and Care system.

Feedback and comments are welcome, please reply to hello@projectlift.scot

Thank You
Project Lift Team

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