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Project Lift Insights with a Leadership Integration Lens


Insights from Recent Events:

We were excited to be asked to join leaders at the Policy Hub Scotland’s recent Health and Social Care Role of Leadership Conference .

Together Dave Caesar and Phillip Gillespie led a session on Project Lift and Leadership Integration to a group of leaders from a range of roles in Health, Social Care and Local Authority. Building on the insights from the initial panel, the session explored what the balance between formal and social leadership, the important of relationships and how, even in a climate of prominent governance, process and budget focus, listening with fascination and leadership with empathy are key to helping those ‘stuck’ to become ‘unstuck. As Dave shared

‘You don’t hope something better, you do something differently’

We then held a facilitated session looking at key questions exploring the messages that had been heard, what it is like leading in the integrated space right now and what are we learning in this time.

There was a real buzz in the room as leaders asked some questions for the first time, listened and shared stories and explored potential opportunities.

When asked to share one thing from the table, as a group we took away these provocations and insights for consideration:

  • How do we create a 2 way dialogue with real debate, one where we can share stories and bring people together, in the same room and in our thinking, because the answer is in the room
  • We need to trust in the relationships that are here, we are working hard at engagement, which is hard in itself, and we need to take risks
  • The system is hot so how do we support the leaders who are leading now, in the moment, as well as supporting the talent coming through. They have different needs and different expectations
  • In our conversations we have found lots of variability yet also lots of consistency – how do we build on this to move forward
  • How does the money flow and how does the accountability flow and does this support a way to move forward or inhibit it
  • We need to encourage voices to speak up, we need to hear their thoughts and ideas
  • Connection and communication are key. How do we make all IJB voices feel actively welcome.
  • There is already a lot of positivity in the places where there are challenges and good stuff is already there. Lets turn the volume up on the good work and the good stuff that is happening rather than always focusing on the gap

And our inspiration from the session can be summed up in one quote from the group:

‘There is definitely an appetite to do this differently!’

Thanks to Dave Caesar, Phillip Gillespie, Jenni Jones, Joanne Rafferty, Susan Nevill, Sara Dewar, Gillian Strachan and others for the session.