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Welcome to our emergent, evolving, slightly messy but exciting project lift communities page!

We see project lift as both a emergent and inclusive community itself and also as a conduit to help create the space for other related communities to arise and take shape.

We see ourselves holding open spaces for leaders at all levels to come together to explore possibilities, different perspectives and shared stories. We find you inspiring, and we are listening closely to hear what you have to say, what direction you want to take and how we can help make that happen, all over the system.

Our first experiment into community events were the Winter Gatherings in December last year. We have learnt lots and have many questions about how we build on these.  We held our first Creative Forum in May and were both inspired and challenged by the courage, skills, engagement and ideas that came from the event.  We are keen to explore how we allow and enable communities to emerge and thrive – and we’d like to do this with you!

Recently we have been sharing:

  • what we explored together at the events
  • what learnt together from the events
  • some helpful external insights to add perspective to these
  • some stories from the community
  • invitations to the wider project lift communities to join the conversation and help shape how the communities’ activity could emerge.

We will be coming out with our route forward in soon, based on the insights and feedback you have provided.  In the meantime you can see these updates on our box sets news page here.

Tell us what’s going on for you – why don’t you:

  • events – tell us who you gifted your project lift pin badge to and why? or were you gifted a project lift pin badge?  Take a selfie, tag #wearandshare and tweet us or email us 
  • connect with someone who attended the gatherings or who you see connecting with us on twitter– have a coffee, skype or call and ask each other what you could explore together? Share your stories and start a connection, maybe a collaboration. If this works for you then share it wider and let us know how it goes, tweet us or share it with the team via email
  •  consider your story – we are looking for stories from all over the project lift community network; stories of collaborative work, of challenge, of leadership, of hope, of dissent. Stories from leaders at all levels, from people who maybe don’t consider themselves leaders but have a voice and want to connect by sharing. If you have a story you want to tell, or want to explore how you might do this, then take a look at our stories that lift page and get involved. We’d love to hear your story!

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