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Welcome to our emergent, evolving, slightly messy but exciting project lift communities page!

We see project lift as both a emergent and inclusive community itself and also as a conduit to help create the space for other related communities to arise and take shape.

We see ourselves holding open spaces for leaders at all levels to come together to explore possibilities, different perspectives and shared stories. We find you inspiring, and we are listening closely to hear what you have to say, what direction you want to take and how we can help make that happen, all over the system.

Our first experiment into community events were the Winter Gatherings in December 2018. We have learnt lots from the process, the events and since then have had many questions about how we build from there.  We held our first Creative Forum in May 2019 and were both inspired and challenged by the courage, skills, engagement and ideas that came from the event.  We have had two other Creative Forums since then and it’s been interesting, inspiring and challenging to hear from you in the system and exciting to try live streaming for the first time on our Facebook page!

We are keen to explore how we allow and enable communities to emerge and thrive and our next step is our 2020 Community Events.

We are excited to work with Kaleidoscope and you can watch our introductory webinar and find out more on our Community Events 2020 page. Check in with us on social media and through our news and mailings to keep up to date with all the latest info!