Privacy and Data Protection Notice – Project Lift Site and Web Application

Privacy and Data Protection Notice – Project Lift Site and Web Application

For the Site

Project Lift does not collect any personal information through the website Where there are opportunities to apply to attend events or apply for development opportunities these will be signposted with links that will take you to other websites or forms.  We would encourage you to review the Privacy Policy for these sites as Project Lift is not accountable for their content.

You can sign up to our mailing list where your data will managed through our mailing partners Mailchimp and you can view the Privacy Policy as part of the sign up process. 



For the App


Data Controller

The controller for the personal data gathered for Project Lift is NHS Education for Scotland (NES). NES is an education and training body and a special health board within NHS Scotland, with responsibility of developing and delivering education and training for the healthcare workforce in Scotland.

Purpose of processing

We are gathering data to support a values-based leadership development, talent management and succession planning approach for NHS Scotland, social services and H&SCPs in Scotland. This purpose can be broken down as follows. Processing to:

Data collected

We will process the minimum necessary personal data in ways that are fair and lawful. Information collected includes*:

Moving through the Project Lift application (‘app’) may involve you providing information via a variety of developmental assessments. These are hosted:

  1. Within the app: management assessment questionnaire; 360 degree feedback tool; career history; career development plan; career conversation summary; and the self-assessment questionnaire and career history noted above.
  2. Outwith the app: the Wave psychometric test is hosted on the Wave Platform. This tool is accessed via the Project Lift app, but are provided by separate platforms with their own data protection mechanisms.

*We also ask for some special category data for equality and diversity monitoring.

Legal basis

NES as a data controller and a data processor, is required to have a legal basis when using personal information. For Project Lift, our legal basis for processing your personal is: consent.

You have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of your data by contacting us at: or via our Data Protection Officer who’s contacts details are below.

Data Sharing

We will share personal data where appropriate and necessary with third parties such as employing NHS Board, HSCP, local authorities and other employers, educational institutions and regulatory and professional bodies. We will also share personal data where required by law.

 In detail

For Project Lift we will share your personal data with the project team hosted by NHS Education for Scotland. In addition, depending on how you progress through the Project Lift App, we may share your personal data as follows:

We will share contact email addresses of all those logging in to the Project Lift with the Office of the Chief Executive, NHS Scotland / Director General, Health and Social Care, Scottish Government and the Project Lift team hosted by NHS Education for Scotland – for the purposes of communicating news and development offerings relevant to Project Lift. 

Aggregate (anonymous) data on Project Lift uptake may be shared between participating organisations, and with Scottish Government, with management information restrictions in place. Some anonymised data on uptake may also be published. 

Data retention

We only keep your information for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the personal information was collected. We will hold personal data for 3 years after it is collected in the app. Personal data will be destroyed after this.

To learn more

To learn more about how your data is processed, information on your rights, and how to get in touch with our Data Protection Officer please see the NES main privacy notice at: