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Brigid Russell & Associates

As external partners, being a part of the project lift team is a real privilege – in both contributing to creating a collaborative delivery model with Scottish Government and NES colleagues as well as shaping the leadership development approach for aspiring & executive leaders. It is an opportunity to make a contribution to meaningful and important work for NHS Scotland – bringing our collective coaching experience, leadership development expertise, and a systemic consultancy approach to the team.

We are passionate about enabling leaders’ growth and supporting the development of leadership in the context of complexity and uncertainty. We have all chosen to work in and with the NHS throughout our careers. Together we bring a diverse richness of professional background, expertise and experience from our work across health and social care in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

The four of us have worked together at various times, in different partnerships, across a range of programmes and contexts, over the past ten years. We were inspired by the vision of project lift to bring this particular team together for the purpose of designing an innovative approach to leadership development and leading on the delivery in the early stages. It is proving to be a rich challenge and stretch as well as being great fun with plenty of laughter!

We are keen to offer leaders the opportunity to be part of an exciting, ambitious and positive learning experience which will enable them to reflect on and continuously develop their practice at individual, team and system-wide levels. And we plan to be alongside the participants too, learning as we go.

Pictured left to right:
Gavin Speers, Brigid Russell, Joanne Kerr, William Young