Joanne Rafferty

Joanne Rafferty

Principal Lead – Project Lift, Key Contact for East Region and Leadership Development
One of our 4 Principal Leads - Career conversations, lead for Leadership Development, Principal Lead key contact for East Region.

Growing up in Belfast during the Troubles, my parents were teachers and determined my sister and I would believe in the values of equality and tolerance.  So, fairness, kindness, accepting and appreciating differences and valuing people for their contributions have always been important to me. There was lots of music and humour too!

I didn’t choose the teaching route, yet unsurprisingly, development has featured prominently in my career.  I started in private sector consultancy and progressed to organisational development and I’ve  been at my most challenged and fulfilled  since joining the NHS in 2009. I’m fortunate to learn with and from  great colleagues, peers and managers.

Now as part of the Project Lift team, It’s wonderful to be playing a part in supporting leaders and leadership at every level in our Health and Care system and encouraging a different kind of leadership. So much of the Project Lift ethos aligns with what matters to me and how I want to be.

 I continue to be surprised and inspired every day by the leadership examples, stories and insights I hear, from all different levels and roles, on twitter, at community events and on our development programmes.