Helena Jackson

Helena Jackson

Sustainable Delivery & Territorial Board Sponsorship, Directorate for Performance and Delivery, Health and Care, Scottish Government
Community Perspective - Digital Events

I have worked in and around public services for over 24 years and in the Health Service since 2002 and will be proud to get my 20 years’ service badge this year.   I have had roles in service delivery, including manufacturing, IT and financial services.


My NHS career began with North Glasgow NHS Trust, now part of the largest Health Board in Scotland, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  I worked in eHealth from 2002 until 2017 before moving to the Corporate Executive Team to Direct the Financial Improvement Programme.  In January 2020 I moved to the Scottish Government to Direct the Sustainable Financial Improvement Programme. Shortly after, the pandemic hit, and since then I have pivoted my focus and skills to lead different aspects of the Covid-19 response including mobilisation financial planning for Covid and remobilisation of services thereafter.

I currently lead on relationship management aspect of Territorial Health Board Sponsorship which currently, due to the emergency response, involves the determination of the level of risk in each Health Board and across the NHS in Scotland and for SG and PHS modelling of acute demand; and Intensive Care (ICU) capacity for NHS Scotland.


Ultimately, once we move into recovery mode and the endemic planning response to Covid, my focus will return to longer term strategic objectives, including how best to plan and measure the delivery of key services to our citizens. Through working with boards to build strong sponsorship foundations based on supportive relationships and management, I hope we can shift the measurement of success to outcomes.  This work will complement a review of the current Escalation Framework for NHS Boards in Scotland and how we can look at Sponsorship through the lens of supportive relationships and management.


I come from an integrated household, I work in health and my partner in social care in a local Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). I’m at a stage in my life where I want to support those who can make a real difference to our public services. Ultimately, I want to ensure we consider our services and experiences from a whole system perspective, tracking the citizens journey as well as looking at sustainable delivery models across health and care.  This is why I’m so passionate about being involved in Project Lift and value my connections with my Leadership Cohort immensely.  There is such a broad wealth of knowledge, experience, compassion and empathy mixed with critical friendship.


For me, leadership is at all levels and not the product of titles or positions of power. It goes well beyond theory and is about behaviours, respect and listening, influencing and networking to develop and deliver common goals. In developing solutions and services, it’s about asking the hard questions about how we continually review these for suitability and value; delegating where we can to develop potential in others and allow them the space to grow into their potential.  I have had huge pleasure in experiencing the development of those I have been privileged to work with in my career in and hope this continues for the foreseeable future..