Hazel McPhillips

Hazel McPhillips

Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Facilitator H@N NHS Lothian
Community Perspective - Digital Events

I have been within the hospital at night team since 2014. Hospital at Night is a unique environment in which a varied multidisciplinary team work together to ensure patient care is met in the out of hours period.

I am a qualified ANP and currently working in a split role as an ANP and clinical facilitator.

I am passionate about my role which combines both advanced practice and education.

During my time with NHS Lothian I have become aware that civility can have a massive impact on patient care and staff well being and I myself have unfortunately been subject to incivility. My negative experience is one of the main reasons that I am determined and dedicated in working towards a culture of psychological safety and kindness.

I am fascinated about the triggers behind incivility and how we appropriately respond to these situations. I am excited to be part of a small team of like minded individuals who have come together to address and explore this issue.