David Goodacre

David Goodacre

Army Officer, Leading on HR Digital Transformation
Community Perspective - Digital Events

David Goodacre is an Army Officer who recently worked in St Andrew’s House in support of DG H&SC as a strategic planner.  He has served in the Army for 24 years and has worked in many varied roles including operations, policy, planning, HR and equipment procurement; he is currently leading the digital transformation of the Army’s HR system.

Leadership has been the key theme throughout his career, and he has led teams on numerous military deployments.  He was struck by the similarities between the NHS and the British Army during his recent time in St Andrew’s House.  The leadership challenges are comparable, particularly in the current operating environment.  The world is currently in crisis and we are facing challenges unseen in our lifetime.  It has created an environment characterised by fear, uncertainty, unpredictability and an extraordinary pace of change.  People are living and working under intense and sustained pressure. Whilst this context is unprecedented, the characteristics of fear, ambiguity, prolonged pressure and exponential change are familiar to many in the Armed Forces experienced in high-intensity operations.

David is passionate about people, teams and their leadership.  He believes that leading others is a privilege; one that it is earned and not bestowed by a badge or a title. It is not management.  He is an advocate of values-based leadership, where the leaders set a constant and strong example, both on and off duty, and where the men and women they are responsible for are the first priority.

Despite possibly coming across here as intense, David considers himself a very personable character that enjoys engaging with friends and colleagues.  He has always been a keen rugby player and skier, but is now an avid supporter and watcher, who waits (im)patiently for the opportunity to return to Murrayfield.