Brigid Russell

Brigid Russell

Coach & Leadership Consultant
Leadership Development Partner to Project Lift, Brigid Russell Associates

Exploring how leadership develops in practice; leading the design and facilitation of leadership3 as part of project lift leadership development.

Leadership is all about the relationships between people, and across parts of a system which are inter-connected and inter-dependent. It is about connecting with purpose, making a difference to the lives of people across Scotland.

I’m at a stage in my life where I want to support those who can make a real difference to our public services, and our civic society in Scotland. This is why I’m so passionate about being involved in project lift. My husband, Jim, died of leukaemia in February 2020. He believed as much as I do in making a positive difference to others, in being kind; he wanted me to be doing meaningful work.

I believe that developing leadership goes way beyond expertise in theories and models. It starts with who we are as people, our humanity, and our relationships with the people with whom we work and right across our communities. This is why I believe in a relational approach to leadership development.