Brian Chittick

Brian Chittick

Interim Chief Officer for the Shetland Health and Social Care Partnership
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Prior to this role, Brian undertook the role of Medical and Dental Director for NHS Shetland.  He was in the Royal Navy for 23 years prior to joining the NHS in 2015 and undertook the Defence Academy Advanced Command and Staff Course in 2004.

Leadership has played a major role in Brian’s CV and has led military teams on operations and NHS teams during the Covid-19 pandemic.  He feels that leadership training and upskilling is a career long continuum and is currently part of Project Lift and  Leadership Cubed’s Cohort 3.

Brian would consider himself an optimistic, compassionate and enthusiastic leader who has a role to support and coach his team to allow them to realise their own professional journeys. He also has an eye on the strategic horizon, and acts as a link from the corporate vision to the delivery of an individualised patient/client centred pathways.

Brian had a key leadership role in the pandemic response phase to ensure that NHS Shetland was prepared for, and able to treat, patients who had Covid-19.  He then led on the initial recovery planning for the Board by drawing together both operational and strategic plans to remobilise services.  In his current role in the Health and Social Care Partnership, Brian understands that part of his purpose is as a leader and champion for individual family and community problem solving and early intervention, underpinned by the importance of relationship building and systems leadership.

Outside work, Brian is a rugby coach for Shetland Rugby Club, often braving the Shetland wind and rain, a mad Northern Ireland football fan and a social bagpiper!