Cairngorms National Park Authority

Cairngorms National Park Authority

How have you been engaged with Project Lift?

Partners in Leadership Cubed Live collaborative work with Team Engage from 2019 – Helping People and Nature Thrive Together

What is your relationship with Health and Care ?

My name is David Clyne, I’m the Recreation and Access Manager and I’m promoting the role of nature and outdoor activity for physical and mental wellbeing.

What is your relationship with Project Lift?

Our relationship with Project Lift was working with Team Engage from Leadership Cubed Cohort 1.

Do you have an ask of our community?

ie  do you want further collaboration? Do you want to be invited into or invite others into conversations? projects?

We are keen to work with partners who want to develop outdoor focused pubic health partnerships and projects.

Who should we contact if we want to connect?

David Clyne –

Find out more  –

David shares his story on our Stories that Lift site