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Values Based Recruitment

Presently supported for roles within NHS Scotland, Values Based Recruitment is an integral part of Project Lift and places the NHS Scotland values (care and compassion; dignity and respect; openness, honesty and responsibility; and quality and teamwork) at the core of the approach taken to fill posts at NHS executive team level; guaranteeing that progression to formal leadership roles is underpinned by individuals’ commitment to these values which are needed to ensure our patients receive the best possible care and our staff are valued, treated well and can thrive and flourish in our organisations.

This approach also underpins what was described in the Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision Implementation Plan – embedding these values in everything we do will help make our vision a reality, starting with our NHS Executive Teams.

Delivered in the context of the 6 core leadership capabilities for health and social care this approach will also ensure a pipeline of future executive leaders who not only have the competencies required, but live and breathe the NHS Scotland values.

From 1 June 2018, this approach will be adopted for all Chief Executive, Executive Director, Director and all other next level immediate direct line reports to the Chief Executive within our NHS Boards.

See the guidance here.

The values that are shared across Scotland’s Health Service are:

  • care and compassion
  • dignity and respect
  • openness, honesty and responsibility
  • quality and teamwork


A few things that are helpful to note:

Everyone who is invited to attend the assessment will receive feedback on their performance, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and therefore supporting their development regardless of whether they are ultimately successful in securing the advertised role.

NHS Boards are also encouraged to use values based recruitment for Consultant and senior professional or managerial appointments.

Some NHS Boards already use a values based recruitment approach at all levels and this is not impacted currently as the Project Lift approach is currently for executive levels appointments and those mentioned in the point above.

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