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Leadership Development

Using our Leadership Profile and our talent management process we want to offer tailored development opportunities to maximise your personal potential across our complex health and care system. Whenever you feel ready, go here to get started.

The project lift leadership development approach is all about fostering and enabling learning in practice and from practice. It is informed by the concept of ‘vertical development’, ie. helping you to understand and make sense of your context as you develop your capacity to think and act differently.

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This approach is embodied in our new national programme ‘Leadership3’ which focuses on these three levels of impact:

  • Self – reflecting on, understanding and developing yourself as a person and as a leader.
  • Team – learning more about leading and working effectively within teams as well as bringing learning from your development into the live work in your own team and with other teams across the organisation / system.
  • System – understanding the systemic context, how to think and lead systemically, and learning (and reflecting) about working collaboratively across the system through live collaborative leadership work.

In Leadership3 we will start with your real experience of health and care in Scotland. Being a leader in health and care is tough – and at the same time it is very rewarding. We will provide space in which you can share, learn from and make sense of your current leadership experiences, before exploring your next steps as a leader.

You may also want to access the new Project Lift pages within the Leadership and Management Zone, signposting great leadership development, networks and learning approaches to support you planning your career journey.