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4 key elements

The heartbeat of project lift

Project Lift is a new approach to recruit, retain, develop and manage talent within Health and Social Care in Scotland to ensure all leaders can be the very best and most able they can be and reach their potential from entry roles through to boardrooms.  It’s focus is to embed a consistent and understood approach to leadership across Health and Social Care in Scotland,  explicitly linked to the ethos of Compassionate and Collective Leadership, collaborative working and the underlying values and principles of the National Performance Framework and Health and Social Care in Scotland.

Project Lift is about offering people opportunities, tailored to their individual needs, and supporting the evolution of communities; communities of leaders at all levels.

There are 4 key strands to the approach: values based recruitment; performance appraisal; talent management; and leadership development.

Values Based Recruitment

Presently supported for those in NHS Scotland, making the NHS Scotland Values a vital component of appointments to our NHS services, as well as ongoing appraisal and personal development.

Recruitment processes for senior leaders in NHS Scotland using a Once for Scotland Values Based Recruitment approach are already being planned and delivered.  This means the values of leaders, and how they relate to the values of NHS Scotland, are as important as their skills and experience.

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Talent Management

Currently using our Leadership Profile we are providing a mechanism to identify those within our services that show the greatest potential to develop into our leaders of the future at all levels.

An inclusive approach to talent management – based on individual agency – has been designed to help identify and develop future leaders at all levels, by encouraging colleagues from all backgrounds and at all levels of seniority to participate, rather than relying on a traditional ‘top down’ approach.  This will support us to identify, nurture and empower a more diverse leadership cohort, more strongly aligned to the population they serve.

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Leadership Development

We believe that individuals own their own development and we work to ensure access to a blend of opportunities for leadership development. These range from existing development opportunities to emerging collaborative, live work. Other offerings include online and formal learning, mentoring, network support, peer thinking sets, working collectively, community engagement and project lift cohorts such as New Horizons and leadership3.

The leadership development framework recognises that ‘one size does not fit all’ and promotes a more nuanced and meaningful approach.

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Performance Appraisal

Reviewing and supporting the current performance appraisal systems at senior and executive level within the NHS, putting people at the centre of everything we do.

Currently for executives/senior managers in NHS Scotland, a national performance appraisal form was introduced in April 2018 to support consistency nationally, and is being trialled throughout this year.  To promote creative strategic thinking and encourage collaboration, it includes 3 categories of objective including contribution to the Health & Social Care Delivery Plan; leading and valuing people; and local Board or role specific objectives.

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