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Online Events for all – from Music to Comedy


Online Events for all – from Music to Comedy

As the potential for a bit more social engagement beckons, it will still be a long time before we will be able to get together at concerts, gigs and large events.  Ticketmaster have pulled together a few guides such as  ‘Our Guide to finding the best live stream gigs’  and anothers on theatre and comedy to offer something as near to live as possible in our current climate.

From Music guides covering genres as diverse as metal, jazz, country & folk, pop, grime and world music to ‘at home with’ listings through to comedy, family suitable , west end and sport.

We’ve pulled together the key sites for you to explore.  Enjoy!

Topics: Self Isolation, Social Distancing, Families, Mental and Emotional Health

Time: 5mins+

Visit the sites (See links below)

General guides site 

Concerts and Tours 



MiniMaster (kid friendly)


West End Theatre


In and Out 

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