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New Year, New You – Mini Series Part 4


New Year, New You: Taking time for your career feat. guest reflections

In the fourth part of our New Year, New You mini-series, we look at your career and welcome guest reflections from leadership cubed cohort members, Suzy Aspley and Sharon Hammell.  To view earlier posts in this series you can click here

What are your career aspirations for 2019?  Have you already got things moving? What would help you get started?  Have you taken time for these questions already or is this a helpful time to take some small, very productive steps forward?

When it comes to your own career, we believe it is important to be thinking about the future and what steps you want to take.  There is real merit in taking time to look back, reflect and account for what has happened so far.  This can help you gain clarity of where you want to go next and how you will get there.

Many of those who have come through the Career Conversation process have described the value that they have gained from the process. A common theme is the value of taking time to reflect on how they got to where they are, the impact on them and others, where they are now and what is important to them for what could come next.  Key to all of this is reflection and learning – a growth mindset, open to learning from what has been and to the possibilities of what is to come.  To illustrate the power of reflection, we would encourage you to check out these short pieces from Suzy Aspley and Sharon Hammell who have shared their ‘Reflections on leadership cubed’ here.

So how can you start to take time for your career? Why not complete the project lift Leadership Profile Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)?  It is easy to do this through the project lift website.  Click on ‘Get Started’ and you can visit our FAQs if you have any questions. Once completed you will receive a tailored report to help you explore your next steps in your career journey.

If you’ve already done a SAQ, why not take some time, maybe with your line manager or a trusted colleague, and build on the suggestions in the report to find some small steps that you can take into 2019? This could offer real clarity in working with your strengths and development to find your way forward.

Don’t put this on the ‘to do later pile’, take the time now. You and your career are important. We believe it – do you?

Our thanks to Suzy Aspley and Sharon Hammell for their reflection – now over to you, join the conversation with #kindness, tag @projectlift and share your stories-

  • Looking back – what have been the highlights of the past year, what are you pleased about ? What does this mean for the year ahead?
  • Imagine you are having this conversation in 12 months’ time, you are delighted with yourself and what you have achieved, what has happened?
  • Who is going to help you keep on track?