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New Year, New You – Mini Series Part 2


New Year, New You: Your Health & Wellbeing

In the second part of our New Year, New You mini-series, we explore Health and Wellbeing.  To view yesterday’s introduction to the series, in part one, click here.

A central principle of project lift is the health and wellbeing of leaders and we are unashamedly open about the importance of leaders taking care of their own wellbeing so that they can bring their best contribution to their role and teams.

Why is this important? Every one of us as leaders, regardless of grade, profession or geography, play an important part in the health outcomes and experiences of patients and citizens across Scotland.  Our desire to see real change for those we work with and for, means ‘transforming care, starting with you’ is core to the ambitions of project lift.  Therefore, it is right that we make it a priority to each attend to our own health and wellbeing. Recently we featured an interview with Angiolina Foster and you can click here to hear her share why she believes this is important for all of our leaders.

Resilience is a core element of taking care of yourself and especially in a VUCA environment (one with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). January is a time when we often look back on challenges as well as good times, and many set themselves the goal of having a better year, coping better with any tough times and learning to thrive rather than survive.

Roffey Park share an interesting robust and researched model of resilience based on the five capabilities below.  These emphasise that each of us can develop ourselves, stepping away from any ‘learned helplessness’ and personal mantra’s that may get in the way.   The model celebrates these key factors which make for a resilient leader;

  1. Perspective
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Purpose, values and strengths
  4. Connections
  5. Managing physical energy

If you would like to see how you show up against this resilience model, there is a short online questionnaire and report that is free to complete. The report offers suggestions on practical tips to develop your resilience against the 5 capabilities and may inform your plans for New Year, New You.  You can find out more  here

Please note that completion of any external questionnaires or surveys are covered by the data and privacy statements for those external sites and are not affiliated with, linked to or the responsibility of project lift.

Join the conversation with #kindness, tag @projectlift and share your stories –

  • What time, if any, do you commit to your own health and wellbeing?
  • If you have completed the report, what did you find surprising? Are there any suggestions that really stand out for you?