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New Year, New You – Mini Series Part 1


New Year, New You – Leadership to the power of 3, starting with you

Happy new year to you all!

As we welcome in 2019, many of us find clearing up after the festive break sparks thoughts of renewal: a new year, a new you.  A chance to clear out old habits that have been holding us back, a chance to start a new year with new habits that could help us be healthier, happier, more fulfilled.

This week we have our next mini-seriesNew Year, New You, in which we will explore the idea of compassionate leadership and the power of kindness. This supports Leadership to the power of 3, starting with self so we are then able to show this with our team and in the wider system.

As the new year offers a new start, many people set themselves resolutions and the most common of these are to get more exercise, eat more healthily and save more money. The evidence suggests that by the time mid-February arrives, 80% of us will have failed to stick to them so how can we set ourselves up for success?

For some of us the best chance for success comes through joining managed groups or signing up to social initiatives such as Veganuary  or dryjanuary where we can publicly commit to a goal and raise  awareness and money for charity at the same time.  For others it is important to hold these goals more privately until we are ready to share our journey or challenges with others.

For all of us there is a much greater chance of success if we make our resolutions realistic and start small, tracking progress over time and ensuring we celebrate even the little victories. This doesn’t mean thinking small – a clear focused goal can be an inspiring thing however setting out achievable steps to build momentum and confidence are key to our own commitment.

Success comes through journeys and journeys have highs and lows.  This means treating ourselves with kindness when we don’t hit a target first time or have a day when we don’t stick to our new healthy eating plan, or maybe don’t make it out for a walk.  Being compassionate with ourselves when we slip up is important so that we can get back on track and use our own experience to show kindness to others.

Join the conversation with #kindness, tag @projectlift and share your stories –

  • What tips would you share that have helped you stay on track before?

  • What will you be trying out to help you stick to your resolutions this year?