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Learning from COVID-19: A tool for capturing insights now to shape the future


COVID-19: Why and how organisations can learn now to shape the future

This free learning framework is for people and organisations who are interested in learning from new practice today in order to sustain change for tomorrow.

‘To help organisations structure their learning activity, we have designed this  for people working in organisations (of any shape, size, form) who are providing support to the public — from local authorities and charities, to community groups and health services. It is intended to be simple and accessible in a time of pressure. We hope it offers an entry point that will assist you, your colleagues, your organisation and the partners you work with to capture insights as they arise from new personal, organisational and community practices.’

Collaborate CIC share their hope that the framework can support you to capture learning in these challenging times (and beyond). They are interested in what you are learning and how you do it, and encourage you to and tell them about your reflections and how you have used the framework.

Topics: Leadership, Change, Systems Leadership, Learning, Mental Wellbeing (reflection)

Time: 5 mins + downloadable resource

Visit the site   or go directly to the framework

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