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We’re sharing some Leadership Stories – insights on different leadership questions from Social Services and Health.

Over the coming months we hope to bring more into this shared space through our events, social media and then into our new Stories that Lift site coming in Spring.

For now we are excited to have these leadership stories to share from two leaders from Health and Social Care.

Philip Gillespie, SSSC and Morag MacRae, NHS Tayside share some of their thoughts and experience around different aspects of leadership and believing you are a leader. We’ll be sharing these as part our wider community events activity over the next few months and we’d like to thank them both for being part of this.

We will add more stories here as we share them through news and social media – Follow us on twitter or on our Facebook page to see them as they arrive

Leadership Stories – 24th January 2020:

  • What does leadership need to thrive
  • Why is self care important in leadership?

Now available with prepared subtitles