Over the past year we have run and supported a range of events with a session all about ‘Leadership at all Levels’ – a key theme for us.

We believe that everyone, and anyone, can show leadership and be leader – regardless of role or level.

We’ve taken a short session out to a number of conferences, learning events and teams to really open this up for people and it has been amazing to hear how they are showing real, relational leadership in hundreds of ways, in hundreds of roles, across our system. We thought it was time to shine a light on some of these awesome people with our leadership at all levels gallery of twitter shares

At the start of the session, many participants don’t even see themselves as leaders as they maybe don’t have leader in their job title, or don’t have a team.  We believe that everyone can show leadership by choosing how they show up each day. Find out more about this and project lift in our animation.

These sessions are fun, insightful and inspiring for all – we come away from them energised and full of hope after being with brilliant people who come away from these sessions encouraged in their own leadership.

If you would like to find out more about running this session for a conference or large learning event, or maybe for your own team, then get in touch. We would be happy to explore more and even help you prepare to run it yourself.

To find out more email us and to find out more about our ethos (what project lift is all about) check out the exec summary of our annual report (page 6).