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Friday Feel Good – Its all Live!


Live and Uploaded: Getting to know you, Facebook

and 2020 Community Events!

Thinking out loud at our 'Getting to Know You' event November 2019

Community Engagement Graphic for 'Getting to Know You' event

Live and Uploaded: Getting to know you

Our first live collaboration, or ‘working out loud’ session was yesterday morning at Codebase – also our first ever Facebook event!

We live streamed 5 sections of the morning, and ran 1 Watch Party of our new animation, the Stories that Lift film we have taken on tour and our ‘Its Today’ mini movie for the event.

We had people watching us live, we had real live people in the room with us, sharing their knowledge and experience (and wonderful cakes) and we people watching and tweeting, linking to questions and clips on twitter.

It was an exhilarating few hours with period of high energy posting, calmer conversation, exciting ideas, reflection and some fine FIKA with coffee, cake and conversations.

All the videos and live streaming are still on the Facebook page and we have had nearly 800 views.

THANK YOU to all who engaged!

Live on Facebook!

Our Facebook page  went live last week and at time of posting we had some exciting ‘social media stats’

  • 168 likes & 184 following
  • 1 recommendation (Thank you!)
  • 5 live feeds uploaded (see ‘Getting to Know You update below!) and 3 videos uploaded
  • Nearly 800 views
  • Invited hosts for our #cafeteriatours & #staffroomgigs

You can find out more about all of the above on page

Community Engagement Graphic for 'Getting to Know You' event

Community Events 2020

We’ve been listening with fascination and we have heard a clear message of ‘we want to connect more’.

Since then we have been working hard to find a collaborative partner who gets the project lift ethos and aspiration, who believe the in potential and transformation in Health and Social Care here in Scotland and who love to work collaboratively.

To find out more about what’s next for community events click for more!



Community Engagement Graphic for 'Getting to Know You' event

Community landscape - Animation Still November 2019