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Feel Good Friday – Give your Friday lift!


Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy month for all of us engaged with project lift and more on that in our Monday Mail.

In the meantime we wanted to share a few things that made us smile – and hopefully will make you smile too…

Happy Friday – whatever the weekend brings for you!

Community Engagement Graphic for 'Getting to Know You' event

Community landscape - Animation Still November 2019

We have had 14 invites for project lift ‘tour dates’


#cafeteriatours and #staffroomgigs – we’ve loved hearing from teams from Orkney to the Borders, from East Aryshire to Fife and from community teams, to acute site teams.

If you are someone who has been in touch we’ll be back in touch with you soon!  Check out our Facebook or twitter feeds for details using these hashtags to search



Animation Inspires and Informs!


We have been excited by the response to our new animation sharing just what project lift is about and why it is for everyone! check out the tweet – and check out the retweet comments – wonderful feedback! Click the tweet below to see…


It’s live! Our animation is now available to watch, share and comment on!
Thanks to @wearedaysix for bringing this to life for us

— Project Lift (@ProjectLiftScot) November 21, 2019


Just for fun – Puddles or Roses?


This week Sara tweeted a clip that we’re calling ‘a little lesson in wellbeing’ – enjoy what’s important to you; smelling the roses, jumping in puddles or just being with those who are important to you!


Take a moment to smell the roses – or jump in the puddles! @ProjectLiftScot @JenniJones2468 @jennymccusker1 @jo_rafferty @davidliftscot @brigidrussell51 @Joanne1234Kerr

— Sara Dewar (@ForeverJones76) November 26, 2019