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Answers to some of the common questions

We’ve put together the most Frequently Asked Questions so if you’re having any issues they may be answered here. These currently relate to those working in NHS Boards and support for those operating in the wider Health and Social Care system can be found by contacting the team by email.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch and we’d be happy to help or visit our resources page for further reading.

General Queries

Do I need a TURAS account to access the project lift app?

Yes. The project lift app is held on the TURAS platform and you need a TURAS login to access it. If you have a TURAS account for any application ie Learn, Performance Appraisal, 360 then you can access project lift.  Click the ‘Get Started’ icon at the top right of every page and this will take you to a TURAS logon page. Once you have used your TURAS sign on details, it will automatically open the project lift app for you.

Having trouble with the app? Using Internet Explorer 11?

To give the best experience we’ve developed project lift using the latest technology. We’re working to fully support older browsers like Internet Explorer 11 but for the best experience we recommend you use a more up to date browser such as Microsoft Edge, Safari or Google Chrome.

How do I access and complete the SAQ?

You can access and complete the SAQ through the project lift website.  Click on ‘Get Started’ and you will be asked to log in.  Using your TURAS login and password, you will then be asked to complete a personal profile before being directed the SAQ. If you don’t have a TURAS login you can follow the instructions to set one up. Once completed you will receive a tailored feedback report, to help you consider your next steps in your development journey.

Can I part complete and return later to my SAQ?

Yes. Your information is saved on the app as soon as you input it, so you won’t lose anything if you log out and return to the app later. Please note there is no “Exit” button but your data is saved up to the point you exit the app.

How will we know that project lift is a success? What approach are we taking to evaluation and impact assessment?

Each element of project lift (Values Based Recruitment, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Performance Appraisal) is evaluated over an ongoing period in ways aligned with our impact plan.

What does LIFT in project lift stand for?

Project lift is not an acronym. It is the overarching name that has been given to our fresh approach to identifying, supporting, enhancing and growing leadership talent at all levels in Health and Social Care in Scotland. It is an integrated, system wide approach to talent management, leadership development, appraisal and recruitment aimed at transforming Health and Social Care services in Scotland and improving the experience of patients, those who use services and employees. Read more here.

Who is project lift aimed at? Do you have to be of a minimum level / banding to get involved?

Leadership happens at all levels in an organisation. Project lift wants to identify and grow the leadership talent we need to transform Health and Social Care in Scotland. We want to hear from all staff with an interest in developing their leadership capability and they can access the project lift  app, complete the SAQ and receive their own feedback report. They will also be signposted to existing leadership development networks and resources across our system and everyone is welcome to be part of our project lift communities.

How does project lift fit with leadership development, talent management activities in Boards? Will it replace what happens there?

There are many excellent leadership development offerings already in existence across our system. Project lift will work alongside and complement these offerings and we are working with Boards and the wider Social Care system to make these connections.

Where can I find out more about project lift?

Keep checking out the website, where all our latest news will be posted. Follow us on Twitter @ProjectLiftScot or contact us via the project lift mailbox if you have a specific question please get in touch.

How will project lift help me to do my job?

Regardless of your role and where you are in the Health and Social Care system, project lift can help you bring your best contribution.  From the tailored feedback in your SAQ report, through signposting to a range of  national, local and services-wide development resources, to connecting you to communities of leaders across Health and Social Care, project lift will help you make the most of where you are now in both your  leadership development and career  journeys.

The project lift communities will provide invaluable peer networking spaces where learning, ideas, leadership challenges and vulnerabilities can be safely shared and explored.

Values Based Recruitment

What is Values Based Recruitment?

Values Based Recruitment enables NHS Scotland to reinforce its organisational values and culture with new appointees, embeds the principle of NHS Scotland as a values based employer and allows us to recruit the best and most able leaders to NHS Scotland boardrooms. In addition to professional, technical, leadership and management skills, our new executives will be best placed to fulfil their responsibilities as members of boards of governance, making the fullest possible commitment to people across the Health and Care system to share leadership experiences, ideas, difficulties, support and opportunities.

Where can Boards find more guidance on implementation of VBR in their areas including timescales?

Directors Letter and VBR guidance have now been issued to Boards. This can also be found on the SHOW website.  From 1st June 2018 Boards must use the approach outlined in this Directors Letter for all executive team posts including Chief Executive, Executive Director, Director or other next level immediate direct line reports to the Chief Executive. Any additional queries should be directed to Gwen Nicholson directly

Talent Management

What is the SAQ?

SAQ is our Self Assessment Questionnaire and it’s the first step in the Talent Management Process. Designed to help you identify and explore your leadership potential, it highlights strengths and areas for development against the Leadership Profile. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once completed you can download a personal feedback report which invites you to reflect on your strengths and areas for development for each of the 8 areas on the leadership profile.

Are there different versions of the SAQ depending on your professional background or grade?

No. The SAQ has been specifically designed to explore generic leadership capabilities and potential, regardless of professional background or grade.

Will participating in the Talent Management process have an effect on the jobs that I can apply for/ am considered for?

No. The aim of the talent management process is to support you to continually develop your knowledge, skills, values and insights as a leader. Continually investing in your leadership learning will aid your growth and development, enable you to give of your best in your leadership role and help you maximise your potential. This may inform the career choices and opportunities you decide to take, but selection processes remain separate. We see leadership evident at all levels across Health and Social Care and project lift is open to everyone.

What and how much of my data will be shared from the Talent Management process?

Details of this can be found in our Privacy statement which you are asked to review before you input any of your data after you have logged in. For project lift this will include: Employee data, contact details, career history and career aspirations data, Equality and Diversity Data and Self Assessment Questionnaire results. Please review Privacy statement for full details.

How long will my leadership profile be ‘current’ for and how often can I repeat the process?

To give you the opportunity to work on identified areas for development and further enhance and hone areas of strength, it’s recommended that in most circumstances, you leave a gap of around 12 months before completing the SAQ again.

Leadership Development

What’s new or different about the project lift approach to Leadership Development?

Developing leaders capable of enabling transformational system change throughout our Health and Care System is a core aim of project lift. Our leadership development approach focuses on developing a fresh ethos, focused  on collaboration, compassion, humility, curiosity and public service. Finding the most appropriate development opportunities for the individual is key. This is informed by the talent management process and the completion of the Self Assessment Questionnaire with identification of areas of strength and areas for development.  Where appropriate to the individuals’ needs, we are offering places on development programmes to participants from the system, based on need, rather than offering a fixed ‘quota’ of places to Boards or specific groups. The establishment of  project lift  communities will also serve as a new approach to connect people across the Health and Social Care system to share leadership experiences, ideas, difficulties, support and opportunities.

Does project lift and access to leadership development offerings extend to colleagues working in H&SC partnerships?

Project lift is open to employees across our Health and Social Care system. If you have TURAS ID and password you can access the SAQ, which is the route in to accessing the development offerings. Every individual completing an SAQ will receive insights on their personal leadership development profile from the SAQ, as well as access to a range of valuable online leadership development resources and connection to existing networks and resources across the Health and Social Care system. They will also become part of project lift communities, where our ambition is that people are connected across the Health and Social Care system to share leadership experiences, ideas difficulties, support and opportunities.

How will we ensure that smaller Boards get equal opportunity and access to places on leadership development offerings?

Finding the most appropriate development opportunities for the individual, wherever they are based, is key. This is informed by the talent management process and the completion of the Self Assessment Questionnaire with identification of areas of strength and areas for development. Where appropriate to the individual’s needs, we are offering places on development programmes to participants based on need, rather than offering a fixed ‘quota’ of places to Boards. Project Lift Leadership Communities will also serve as a new approach to connect people across the Health and Care system to share leadership experiences, ideas, difficulties, support and opportunities..

In describing the Leadership Development approach for Project Lift, you mention the development of a Project Lift Community. What is this? How can I get involved?

The capacity to continually learn is a vital characteristic of our future leaders and we recognise that most real learning is done ‘on the job’. The potential contribution of a Project Lift Community or Communities as safe spaces to share learning, as well as for leaders to seek and receive support is significant. It will welcome leaders of all backgrounds and levels across our Health and Care system. To be successful and meaningful for members, we are taking a co-production approach to development, providing members the opportunity to model real collaborative learning in action.  All those individuals accessing the talent management process are being invited to be part of establishing and developing this with a series of Project Lift Winter Gatherings in December 2018.

Performance Appraisal

Where can I find more guidance about exec / senior management appraisal?

Directors Letter and refreshed good practice guide for exec / senior management appraisal will be issued in the Autumn.  There will also be a number of events for local Remuneration Committees in coming months to help them to follow this process and ensure it is fair, robust and consistent.

How does Performance Appraisal fit within project lift

Project lift links together the key workstreams of Values Based Recruitment, Executive Performance  Appraisal, Talent Management and Leadership Development. The SAQ is available to staff of any level and by completing it, participants will have a picture of their strengths and development areas in relation to the Leadership Profile. They can use this to inform e.g. their annual performance objectives and development activities, PDP and broader career development conversations.  The aspiration is that in the future, the two processes of Performance Appraisal and Talent Management will reinforce and enhance one another.


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