Why bother with great collaborative leadership practice? Our time is now…let’s talk.



1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Why bother with great collaborative leadership practice? Our time is now…let’s talk.

Join us for our third event in our new community events series, where we’ll explore why embedding great leadership practices across social care and health matters and how you contribute.


About this Event

As part of our ‘courageous conversation’ event series, we aim to offer fresh perspectives on some of the big questions of what it’s like to be a leader right now and what we need to be paying attention to. At this upcoming event, we’ll explore why great leadership practices matter across social care and health.

Our speakers will provoke us, to help us all see the why and how of great collaborative leadership practice is so ‘of its time’.  They will stir our own ideas and thoughts about how we can all, regardless of role, profession or level; practice the kind of leadership that enables integrated care and outcomes that matter. 

Recommendations from recent reports such as the Adult social care: independent review have highlighted just how important this is for us. And as people who work in health and social care, it’s our opportunity now to really think on how we can foster the kind of leadership practices that make the difference, where we are at, moment to moment, in our own workplaces.  


Our Speakers

Our speakers are:

In this session, we’ll hear from our speakers as well as have space for reflection and to share our own experiences. We’ll explore questions such as:

  • Why does great leadership practice matter?
  • This has nothing to do with me!  Rethink that – why do I need to think about this myself, regardless of the role, level, or place I work?
  • What works?  The fast food or slow cooking approach?
  • What’s the power in more attention, at large – to great leadership practice?
  • Why does working across social services and health matter?


Resources to Inspire

If you’re looking for a quick and easy read ahead of this conversation,  with yourself as a leader in mind, check out this article from Forbes: 10 Leadership Habits That Will Set A Great Example For Your Employees.

Or to provoke more thinking ahead of this event, shut up and listen up – really!  Listen to this moving, somewhat inspiring Ted Talk “Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen!”  by Ernesto Sirolli. It’s 16 mins long and definitely time well spent, we assure you!

For a reminder of why it is our time to be bold, check out the Feeley Report Adult social care: independent review.


Our Project Lift community events are for anyone to attend who is responsible for building a shared purpose within a team, whether you lead or are part of a team then this event is for you. The sessions are stand alone and you don’t have to have attended previous Project Lifts event to register.


This event has now completed – Access Speaker videos and the Insights Pack

This event has now taken place and our insights pack from the event  is open to all to revisit or explore for the first time . Please do use this to start a conversation about caring for our colleagues in your team, community or network – see the DIY event guide in the pack and contact us hello@projectlift.scot if you would like to talk this through.

Our Speaker videos are available to review here: