“What you permit, you promote” – Why it matters to lead by example



1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

“What you permit, you promote” – Why it matters to lead by example

Join us for our third event in our ‘getting practical’ series, where we’ll try to understand exactly why negative behaviours emerge in the workplace, and how we can respond with leadership.


About this event

Over the course of 2020 we asked ‘what does good leadership look like?’ and collectively uncovered 12 key indicators of good leadership . But what happens when we see behaviours that are in opposition with our personal or team’s values?

Dealing with a whole range of behaviours at work can be one of the most difficult parts of leadership. But as leaders, leading by example matters. At our recent workshops with the Project Lift Community, you told us that understanding different behaviours, responding effectively, and, when necessary, dealing with challenging behaviours is an important topic. That’s why we want to focus on what  behaviours we see in the workplace are really about, why they emerge, and how we can respond with leadership.

In this ‘getting practical’ event, we will come together to share our practical advice, tips and resources to address this core leadership challenge.


Our Speakers

In this session we will welcome:

  • Donald Macaskill – Chief Executive, Scottish Care
  • Joanna Macdonald – Deputy Chief Social Work Adviser, Scottish Government
  • Brigid Russell – Coach & Consultant, Brigid Russell Coaching Limited

With a focus on storytelling and reflections, our speakers will share their experiences of leading by example and what it means to understand and respond to different behaviour as leaders. Collectively, we’ll explore what this means for us, in our own workplaces and in our day-to-day roles.

We’ll as questions like:

  • How can we better understand those we work with?
  • How can we challenge with kindness?
  • How can we surface our own unconscious bias in how we interact with others?
  • How can we care for ourselves while also standing up for what we believe in?


Resources to Inspire

  • The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) codes of practice for both social service workers and social service employers.


Our Project Lift community events are for anyone to attend who is responsible for building a shared purpose within a team. Whether you lead or are part of a team then this event is for you. These free sessions are stand alone, you don’t have to have attended previous Project Lifts event to register.


Are you interested in participating in this lively online and interactive session?  Can you think of a colleague or friend who might be too?  If so, you can book a place for yourself here.

An insights pack will be available after the event has taken place.