Unconventional Careers: Open Community Event



12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Unconventional Careers: Open Community Event

Alongside our five topic-led conversations, we are testing a new venture for Project Lift: the opportunity for you to participate in a session hosted by people from within our Project Lift Leadership Community.

These sessions offer space for the hosts to open a conversation on a leadership issue that is important to them, and for you to contribute to that conversation. With a focus on storytelling, we are providing space for personal experiences on the chosen issue.

The paths we take into and throughout health and social care careers are varied, colourful and personal. Some of us search out expected, well-known career paths following accepted norms while others take unconventional career paths into our roles. In a system where there can be firm expectations of how and when leadership roles are achieved, what can we learn from those who tread new paths? And what can it teach us about leadership?

This is very much a community-led element to our work in project lift and we are so delighted to have Kirsty Brightwell GP and Medical Director, NHS Shetland and Lynn McCallum, Acute Medicine Consultant and Medical Director, NHS Borders hosting a conversation on Unconventional Careers.

Both speakers are reflecting on how their individual routes to their current roles have not been the standard paths and would like to host a conversation on the benefits, challenges and resilience involved in forging your own career path in a system steeped in history, legacy and expectation.

This is an open community event however the topic is likely to be of specific interest to those:

  • in medical or professional roles that appear to have very fixed career paths, especially into formal leadership roles.
  • those in non-medical roles who are not sure or not excited about the next ‘expected’ career step
  • those working in smaller organisations in Social Care, Social Work, Third Sector or Voluntary Organisations who are interested in thinking differently about their career journey

We are pleased to share Kirsty’s guest blog  to spark thinking on this exciting topic.

This is an open community event and we welcome those engaged in the health, social care and voluntary sectors to join this conversation. If you have a story or perspective to share, an idea or are looking for some inspiration from others, why not join us?  It is an informal conversation, who knows where it may lead, and what insights we may all learn together.


This event has now taken place and our insights pack  from the event  is open to all to revisit or explore for the first time . Please do use this to start a conversation about Moving Forward in your team, community or network – see the DIY event guide in the pack and contact us hello@projectlift.scot if you would like to talk this through.