The Importance of Relationships – HR Community Conversation



12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Importance of Relationships – HR Community Conversation

Alongside our five topic-led conversations, we are testing a new venture for Project Lift: the opportunity for you to participate in a session hosted by someone from within our Project Lift Leadership Community.

These sessions will offer space for the host to open a conversation on a leadership issue that is important to them, and for you to contribute to that conversation. With a focus on storytelling, we are providing space for personal experiences on the chosen issue.

This is very much a community-led element to our work in project lift and we are so delighted to have David Miller, Chief People Officer at Scottish Government, to kick us off on a conversation about relationships and leadership – that is, why relationships matter in good leadership and the real differences and possibilities that can be created when they are prioritised.

About the Event

David is keen to host a conversation with the wider HR family community that focuses on relationships.  Alongside everyone who joins in, an exploration of why relationships matter and the difference they can really make will be explored.  We know that relationships far outlast any change initiative or programme of work and yet do we pay enough real attention to them?  What if we put ourselves in the spotlight, what over how usually wins?  Is there a better, more sustainable and rewarding way to work? How can relationships that enable people to be their best, to shine and to collaborate be brought to the fore? And what is our role as a profession in championing this shared ambition?  We’ve written a short blog to kick start your thinking for this event – and even if you can’t come along, please do read and share.

We welcome anyone from within the wider HR family to join this conversation.  If you have a story or perspective to share, an idea or are looking for some inspiration from others, why not join us?  It is an informal conversation, who knows where it may lead, and what insights we may all learn together.  This event has now taken place and you can revisit or explore the insights pack from the event here.

About David

David took up post a few weeks before lockdown as Chief People Officer, in the Health and Social Care Directorate of Scottish Government. He has been in the thick of the crisis response to the COVID-19 pandemic, learning on the job, with an eye to what matters in an intense and fast-paced environment. He has a few good stories to share about his recent ‘stretch’ experiences, and his learning along the way. David draws nearly all of his key learning back to relationships.

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