Surviving the System – Project Lift Community Event


Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh

Surviving the System – Project Lift Community Event

At Project Lift, our purpose is to offer a different way of looking at leadership at all levels, in all roles, in working collaboratively and choosing to work compassionately to help our staff meet these challenges. We hosted a series of events in 2020 to explore how to tackle the most urgent issues in health and care through effective leadership, and how to create a more sustainable way of working, enabling different approaches to prevent new issues occurring, building resilience within ourselves, our teams and the system.

‘Surviving the System’ was the first Project Lift Community Event in 2020. This topic is around learning about each other’s pressures, and understanding ‘who’s yanking whose chain’ both individually and
as a system. The aim of this session was to:

  • Understand system pressures and challenges through shared learning;
  •  Understand how good leadership at all levels is essential to address these challenges;
  •  Discuss and learn about practical leadership resources and skills

The event was about ‘Surviving the System’ – we discussed health and social care system challenges and pressures, and explored how good leadership at all levels is essential to addressing these challenges.

You can find our synthesis pack, produced by our community partners Kaleidoscope below and we hope that it offers you insights, ideas and some food for reflection.

Project Lift – Edinburgh Event – Synthesis Pack (1)

Did you attend this event? What impact did it have on your thinking or views? Did you meet a new connection that you have maintained contact with?  Share your story with us and the wider Project Lift community – we would love to hear from you!