Supporting the people we serve



11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Supporting the people we serve

Join us for our ‘getting practical’ event, where we’ll explore putting the voice of the people we serve at the heart of our leadership.

About this event

We know how important it is to listen to people using health and social care services. But how can we take this a step further, and actually put people’s voices at the heart of our leadership practice and help to make the necessary changes to how we do things? And how can we go from just hearing people, to truly understanding their story? In this session we’ll explore what it really means to raise the voices of the people we work with, the challenges that can arise, and how we can overcome them together.


Our Speakers

In this session we will welcome:

With a focus on storytelling and reflections, our speakers will share their experiences of leading by example and what it means to understand and respond to different behaviour as leaders. Collectively, we’ll explore what this means for us, in our own workplaces and in our day-to-day roles.


We’ll ask questions like:

  • How do we elevate people’s voices to people in power/decision makers?
  • How do we truly make sure people’s voices and opinions are represented and not the aspirations of the organisation?
  • How do we enable a culture that supports people to share their experience?


Resources to Inspire


Our Project Lift community events are for anyone to attend who is responsible for building a shared purpose within a team. Whether you lead or are part of a team then this event is for you. These free sessions are stand alone, you don’t have to have attended previous Project Lifts event to register.


This event has now completed – Access Speaker videos and the Insights Pack

This event has now taken place and our insights pack from the event  is open to all to revisit or explore for the first time . Please do use this to start a conversation about caring for our colleagues in your team, community or network – see the DIY event guide in the pack and contact us if you would like to talk this through.

Selected speaker videos will be available shortly.