Kindness and Leadership: Open Community Conversation



12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Kindness and Leadership: Open Community Conversation

Alongside our five topic-led conversations, we are testing a new venture for Project Lift: the opportunity for you to participate in a session hosted by people from within our Project Lift Leadership Community.

These sessions offer space for the hosts to open a conversation on a leadership issue that is important to them, and for you to contribute to that conversation. With a focus on storytelling, we are providing space for personal experiences on the chosen issue.

This is very much a community-led element to our work in project lift and we are so delighted to have community members from Value of Kindness, a team focused on live collaboration work around the topic of kindness.  They will kick us off on a conversation about kindness and leadership.  The team will host a conversation with colleagues across the health, social care and voluntary sectors that focuses on the question – has kindness become too fashionable and therefore lost it’s impact?

To provoke our thinking for this event we invite you to explore:

This is an open community event and we welcome those engaged in the health, social care and voluntary sectors to join this conversation. If you have a story or perspective to share, an idea or are looking for some inspiration from others, why not join us?  It is an informal conversation, who knows where it may lead, and what insights we may all learn together.

Team Value of Kindness are: Brenda Wilson, Claire Ritchie, Gavin Payne, Grecy Bell, Neil Strachan, Maureen Swannie and Tracy Ligema.

This event has now taken place and you can revisit the event or explore our insights pack here.  The recording will be available soon.